Pay by the minute

Who’s the service for?

All consultants, counsellors and advisors who want to provide paid telephone advice services with a simple and uncomplicated billing system and to increase their target audience.
Delivering recorded content via telephone (lessons, information etc.)

Our service’s advantages

PayCall provides the phone line and transfers calls to the service provider.
The existing number isn’t revealed to callers so there’s no need to change or replace it.
The line’s owner is provided with a simple, yet advanced, internet based management system that allows them to monitor all incoming calls and financial reports.
Installing the line involves no costs or commitments and no rental fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pay per minute service?

The service lets you charge for every minute of an incoming call from your clients. The perfect solution that lets the service provider charge their clients from 3 NIS to 12.90 NIS per minute.
Please note: There’s no need to change an existing number and it isn’t revealed to callers.

Who uses the service?

If you are councilors, consultants, coachers, work in the field of mysticism etc. or anybody providing professional assistance over the phone.

How is the payment made?

The payment is made directly from the callers telephone account (no need for a credit card).

The process

The caller calls the number which is answered by an automatic answering service that informs them of the call’s cost per minute.
The caller is then transferred directly to the service provider they wish to talk to.
Payment is made directly from the callers telephone account.

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