IVR Systems

PayCall’s IVR systems allow any business to use 100% telephone based technology without any human intervention. PayCall provides the answer and solution to the individual needs of the business relating to telephony and incoming calls. The system includes many characteristics and functions that encourage and allow creativity in all incoming call scripts. The distinct and varied system characteristics are developed in cooperation with the client to ensure that the system perfectly meets the needs of the individual business.

Who’s the service for?

  • Companies operating an automatic answering service that provides information or that allow customers to conclude transactions.
  • Radio stations.
  • Research companies.
  • Support and sales centers.

Our service’s advantages

  • Maximum suitability– PayCall places the client’s needs at the forefront and believes in adapting its systems for each individual business.
  • Maximum creativity– “The sky’s the limit”! You can develop any call script that meets the needs of your business and that allows you to increase your organization’s efficiency.
  • Maximum availability– IVR systems provide businesses with a continuous service, 24/7. The service isn’t dependent on human resources and can deal with many calls simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are IVR systems?

PayCall’s IVR systems allow you, the business owner, the client, to benefit from telephone based technology. The technology provides answers and solutions adapted to the unique needs of the client and the business such as content and sales promotions. IVR systems can send voice mail and/or sound files to an infinite number of customers simultaneously. Needless to say, the business owner receives a comprehensive report for each and every campaign. The system includes characteristics and functions that allow for unlimited creativity when developing incoming call scripts. The characteristics of each system are varied and different and are developed along with the client so that the final system is perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the business.

How does it work?

Working closely with PayCall’s experts you will characterize your company’s requirements and the services your business needs.

Who is the service designed for?

Companies operating an automatic answering service that provides information or where customers can conclude transactions, sales and service centers, radio stations, research companies.

The process

PayCall and the business owner discuss the needs that require a solution. Working together, the client and PayCall’s agents create an accurate system characterization and specification that meets all of the business’s needs.

PayCall’s development team then develops the system with the close and active cooperation of the business owner until full integration of the system into the business is achieved.

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