Email Distribution

PayCall lets you send focused emails using a cutting edge, efficient and user friendly system. Using our system you can deliver your message to thousands of people, reliably and quickly. Or system includes everything you need to strengthen your branding and easily and efficiently increase sales with the minimum of effort and resources.

Who’s the service for?

  • Companies and businesses with Customer Clubs who want to maintain a constant relationship with their customers.
  • Businesses using direct marketing to increase sales with minimum resources.
  • Businesses that send newsletters, information about special offers, tips, services and more online.

Our service’s advantages

  • Maximum simplicity– A user friendly and intuitive system that lets you send unlimited emails easily and quickly.
  • Maximum effectivity- Schedule emails across a range of times or dates or according to a regular timetable.
  • Maximum progress- Email replaces the old marketing methods where brochures and leaflets were placed in post boxes. It allows for easy and convenient access to thousands of homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is electronic mail?

If you want to strengthen your business, maintain better relationships with customers and increase sales with minimum effort and resources – then PayCall’s email service is the answer! Using our modern, user friendly and easy to use system you can send messages and updates to thousands of contacts efficiently, simply and quickly.

How does it work?

Quickly and simply you can import contacts directly from an email account or file. The system provides you with message templates for the fast creation of your mail and also provides easy to read and understand reports of your mailing campaigns. No technical background is needed so any user can simply operate and use the system.

Who is the service designed for?

Customer Clubs and any business that wants to stay in touch with its customers, to send them newsletters, details of special offers, news from the business and more – and all online.

The process

The system is exceptionally simple and easy to use. You can quickly import contacts from any file or directly from an email account. Choose from a range of templates that let you swiftly create your mail and then get clear and easy to read reports. The system is suitable for all users – even those with no technical background can use it easily.

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