Billing via telephone

A unique billing system that facilitates billing directly from the potential client’s phone account
Telephone billing that allows collection of sums from 2 NIS to 99 NIS. A convenient, secure and efficient system that saves time and makes providing personal details or waiting online at a service call center unnecessary. No need for registration, user identification or revealing personal details.

Billing via telephone - how it really works?

A unique clearing system for a variety of advanced billing solutions , including telephone charges for the sale of services , and content . Through a simple call customer pays and receives the proceeds .

Our service’s advantages

Maximum convenience

Maximum convenience

Billing without a credit card, no waiting, without revealing personal details or calling a service center. Available 24 hours a day.

Maximum profitability

Maximum profitability

The service involves no subscription fees, no registration fees and no commitment.

Maximum opportunities

Maximum opportunities

Grow your client base and identify wider audience sectors to increase sales of your service. Equal opportunities for all surfers to make a short and clear call in order to get the value offered by the site and to allow you, the site owner, to increase your revenues with minimum investment of resources.

Maximum transparency

Maximum transparency

An advanced and innovative management system that allows the site owner to get a range of details regarding transactions on the site including caller details, periodic reports and more.

Who’s the service for?

  • The service is designed for site owners who provide content services or products within a 2 NIS to 99 NIS price range.
  • For site owners who want to increase their customer base and their revenues.
  • Also suitable for foundations who wish to accept donations directly from the donor’s telephone account.

Our service’s advantages

The site owner is provided with an advanced management system that shows financial data in real time. Integrating the payment interface with the site is a simple, dynamic process that includes the layout of the payment window according to the owner’s personal taste. The process takes just one business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is telephone billing?

PayCall’s telephone billing service is a new and innovative way to easily and securely accept payment over the internet, 24/7. Directly from your telephone (mobile or land line) without registration, no need to identify yourself or provide personal details or credit card information. From 2 NIS to 99 NIS for any one transaction.

What the advantages of telephone billing?

The system allows an additional market segment, one that doesn’t have a credit card or isn’t prepared to provide credit card information over the phone, to make on-line purchases easily and conveniently while enjoying a contemporary and innovative shopping experience. At the same time, the service also makes it possible for site owners to increase their revenues.

How does it work?

The transaction takes just 35 seconds. The surfer is directed to PayCall’s payment window and asked to call a number that connects them to an answering service. The answering service provides information about the sum due. Still in the payment window, the customer enters the telephone number used to call the service to complete the transaction. Simple and easy!

How can I see my transactions?

Another aspect of the telephone billing system includes the provision of a smart system that lets the user see all transactions.

Will I be charged a commission or service charges?

Use of the system doesn’t involve monthly charges and/or commissions.

The process

The visitor to the site is directed to the PayCall payment page. Then they are asked to call a number displayed in a window. This takes them to an automatic answering service.

The surfer then presses the “Finished” button in the payment window and is provided the service they paid for.

After completing the call, the surfer enters the number of the telephone they used to make the call in the payment window.

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