About Paycall

Paycall was established in 2009 and provides a unique clearing solution via a telephone account and advanced technological systems for the purposes of empirical measurement of all the incoming calls to businesses.

Paycall is a leading company in the online payments and management systems fields for measuring advertising, leads and calls. The advanced systems that we have developed are based on much professional experience and know-how, and an understanding of the market and changes taking place in it, which enable us to provide solutions for a broad range of customers commencing from websites, television channels, radio stations, and the press through small and large business proprietors. At Paycall, you will receive systems that are adapted to your needs, advanced and stable systems and personal, quality and reliable service.

Our Vision

The company’s vision is to lead in technology, service and inventiveness of the clearing system, communications and telephony, thus enabling customers to find a solution for all their business needs in a one-stop-shop.
Paycall believes in a combination of quality human capital alongside advanced technological systems, all of which enable it to be a leading company in the telephonic clearing and telephony and communications systems development fields.
We believe that a winning combination of technological ability and consistent improvement alongside the progressive market enables us to develop products, services and new systems consistently and to provide customers with solutions for the next question.
Furthermore, we wish to provide a personal service for each customer’s technical needs and to execute adaptation in the existing systems in order to provide the product that meets his demands, all in conjunction with professional, reliable and fair service for each customer.


Our gratitude goes to the hundreds of customers, who have chosen Paycall’s telephonic collection system. Tens of thousands of end users benefit from immediate secure clearing and accessible services every day.
Hundreds of customers choose Paycall’s call measuring service every day and benefit from especially advanced technology with unique added value and effectiveness that streamlines work in the business.
Dozens of customers for whom we have developed unique ivr systems pursuant to their characterization and personal needs.
Our customers include thousands of businesses in various fields and sectors including the largest sites in the gaming, tourism, real estate, culture and transport fields, leading advertising agencies, website structuring companies, leading lead generators in their field, leading portals and indices and radio companies etc.

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