1901 and 1902 line

PayCall provides 1901 and 1902 numbers for one time charging of the caller for a service, content and/or products.
Using these numbers the business can charge up to 100 NIS per call and provide the service directly.

Who’s the service for?

  • Internet sites selling services, content, subscriptions, and products and who are looking for a simple, easy and available method of payment.
  • Companies interested in conducting voting, quizzes and other activities for a token fee.
  • Foundations and organizations who want to offer a simple and effective way of making donations.

Our service’s advantages

  • No commitment, subscription fees, of costs to set up and use the service are required.
  • The owner of the number is provided a user friendly and advanced management system which can be used to monitor and analyze all incoming calls and callers and to facilitate payment.
  • Payment is transferred within 24 hours without the use of credit cards
  • Equal opportunity for all potential customers to buy a service and/or product with a simple phone call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of this clearing system?

The service lets you accept payment from a market segment that does not have credit cards or prefers not to divulge credit card details over the internet.
By making one simple telephone call the customer can make an online purchase and enjoy a modern, innovative shopping experience and the business owner can increase revenues and profit.

Does the business have to pay a commission or service fees?

Using the numbers involves no monthly fee or commission other than the costs stated during the call.

Does the caller have to register for the service?

Any caller whose telephone can make calls to these numbers can call without having to register for the service or provide any personal details.

The process

In order to purchase the service and/or product, the caller dials the number appearing in the ad.

During the call, the caller is informed of the service’s cost.

Immediately following payment the caller is provided the item they have paid for.

The owner of the number is provided with an advanced management system that provides all financial and monetary details in real time. Installation of the clearing interface of the site is simple and dynamic. It includes the design of the payment window for the specific business. The entire process takes just one working day.

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