1-900 Calls

PayCall provides 1-900 telephone lines to hundreds of clients that make it possible to bill a telephone account according to the length of the call. Callers using the 1-900 service will pay up to 0.50 NIS per minute in addition to air time.

Who’s the service for?

  • Consultants from a variety of fields (mystics, doctors, lawyers etc.) who want to charge per minute for consultations and advice given to telephone callers.
  • Telephone service centers
  • Survey companies, trivia and voice chat.
  • Call-in systems for radio broadcasts.
  • For disseminating a range of content and relevant information.

Our service’s advantages

  • There’s no need to commit to a minimum term, no rental or usage fees and no cost for joining and installation.
  • PayCall’s telephony infrastructure is ready to meet the demands from many callers for telephone lines simultaneously. Amongst other functions, the system provides radio show “call in” lines or dedicated news telephone lines.
  • The line’s owner is provided with an internet based, user friendly system that allows them to monitor all incoming calls and financial reports including a range of statistical reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 1-900 lines?

In order to help our clients, PayCall provides the right solution – telephone billing lines that allow for a 0.50 NIS charge per minute of a call (1-900). This service allows customers to purchase services, content and products or to get professional advice without any complicated, credit card, billing systems.

Who’s the service for?

Telephone call centers, local radio call in quiz shows, professionals, bible lectures, call measurement campaigns.

How can I monitor all calls?

Using the management system, the line owner can, at any given moment, monitor call data, total revenue, caller details etc. This includes functions for managing data creation, setting up extensions and defining preferences.

What’s added value does the caller receive?

Apart from the service that the caller purchases, it’s also possible to define other value added services such as an SMS message at the end of the call, call recording and more.

The process

  • The caller dials a 1-900 number and the call is directed to its intended receiver.
  • For every minute of a call, the caller is charged up to 0.50 NIS plus air time.
  • The owner of the line is paid a percentage of revenues.

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